See the World with a Bird’s-eye View: Interactive 360° High-Resolution Aerial Imaging

Phoenix LiDAR Systems partnered with German based Black Forest Motion, experts in camera motion control, to offer their customers next-level technology solutions. iXM-100 cameras were purchased to fill a niche by providing motion controlled applications ranging from time-lapse and Giga-pixel photography to fully autonomous turntable photogrammetry scan setups.

Zoom, pan and tilt - Ultra-high resolution 360° aerial imaging of a Los Angeles construction site captured with an iXM 100MP - 2019 © Phoenix LiDAR Systems

360° Imaging - An All Round Improvement

Serious about LiDAR and innovation, California based Phoenix LiDAR Systems, was established in 2012, and soon launched their first commercial UAV LiDAR system. The company specializes in custom, survey-grade mapping & post-processing solutions designed to collect detailed, 3D topographic information for the engineering, construction, mining markets, and more. Lead by Grayson Omans, CEO, Phoenix LiDAR continues to drive innovation in the industry, integrating the latest hardware and building automation software for every stage of laser mapping.

In March 2019, Phoenix LiDAR Systems partnered with German based Black Forest Motion, experts in camera motion control, to offer their customers next-level technology solutions. Black Forest Motion fills a niche by providing motion controlled applications ranging from time-lapse and Giga-pixel photography to fully autonomous turntable photogrammetry scan setups.

Until now drone solutions have made 360° aerial imaging accessible to many. However, low quality and lack of detail in images result in a limited practical usability. Customers now want to view interactive 360° high-resolution images captured from greater heights to provide wider coverage at faster speeds for processing and stitching. Post-production, images use cloud based storage, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.


"Phase One Industrial’s 100MP imaging technology completes the Phoenix Vision360 solution as it meets all our requirements, plus its compact size and weight allow for easy integration with our UAV based platforms."

Grayson Omans

CEO, Phoenix LiDAR

Quick Facts

Ultra-High Resolution

360° Stiched Image Up to 30 Million Megapixels

360° Aerial Imaging

Cloud hosted high-resolution imagery for easy access and viewing from any device connected online

Phase One Industrial
iXM Series

Revolutionary and uniquely designed cameras for UAV-based aerial imagery

Zoom in from Hundreds of Feet in the Air

Phase One Industrial cameras offer backside-illuminated CMOS sensors with high sensitivity, fast capture rates, and ultra-high resolution. Medium-format provides a wide surface coverage and better image sharpness, allowing the end-user to zoom right into the stitched images in order to see the finest details such as road signs, safety hazards, and archeological digs from hundreds of feet in the air.

Patrick Ketterer, CEO of Black Forest Motion explains, “Imagine putting binoculars on the standard aerial image capture tools you’re currently using. Then imagine the numerous management and safety applications that become available to you”

Grayson Omans, CEO of Phoenix LiDAR continues, “We’ve had construction site managers request the ability to easily identify equipment asset ID numbers on the ground from safe distances, and Phoenix Vision360 allows them to do that from a drone 600 feet away.”

Business Gains with Giga-pixels

“360° Aerial images have never been sharper, the Phoenix Vision360 process is built around a technology stack comprising of two layers: the drone and imaging control technology. The highly optimized imaging control technology allows Phoenix Vision360 to capture data for some of the largest aerial images with a drone flight-time of less than 10 minutes. Image stitching processing and hosting is cloud-based, allowing users to view interactive 360° high-resolution aerial images (30 million megapixels – Giga-pixel technology) from any location whether close to the site or from an office in another city” says Omans.

360° high-resolution aerial imaging benefits businesses by improving:

  • Budget management – through identifying unused
  • Personnel management – increasing cost efficiency
    through real-time progress updates.
  • Asset management – identify machinery and read serial
    numbers without disturbing the work-site.
  • Job safety – able to clearly pinpoint occupational hazards.

Phoenix Vision360 Intergrated System Benefits

Phase One Industrial medium-format sensor technology
integrated with Phoenix LiDAR results in minimizing project time and costs, risk to people, and work-site disruptions.

Business growth is easily achieved with Vision360 as new aerial imagery applications and investment opportunities can be clearly identified including:

  • Utility managers – infrastructure inspection and corridor
  • Construction companies – remote site management and
    progress documentation.
  • Real estate developers – identification of plots of land for
  • Archeologists – identification of hidden artifacts,
    academic research, and virtual tours with the disturbance
    of foot traffic to the site.

Phase One Solution

Phase One Industrial iXM-100 medium format camera

Phase One iXM-100 Camera
- 100 MP Aerial Photographs
- 11,608 pixels cross-track coverage
- CMOS (effective at 6400 ISO)
- High noise resistance (effective at low light)

Phase One Industrial RSM 80 mm lens

80mm RSM Lens

- 80mm
- f/5.6 - f/22
- 1/2500sec

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Latest Case Studies

Siemens & GGS: Revolutionize Powerline Inspection with Multi-Sensor System and AI

GGS GmbH from Germany, one of Phase One‘s integration partners, has an excellent reputation for innovation and integrating IMU/GNSS and flight management system (FMS) solutions. Dr. Gerhard Kemper, owner of GGS, recently trailed iXU-RS1900 metric cameras in several commercial projects to develop a system that could be used in multiple applications.

Atlantic – Confidently Acquiring Large-format Imagery with the 280MP Aerial Solution

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Eyefly – Close-to-1mm GSD with Large Footprint for 3D Bridge Inspection

Eyefly - Achieve Close-to-1 mm GSD with a Large Footprint for 3D Bridge InspectionEyefly uses a Phase One iXM-100 to fly closer to Buggenum.

AM/NS Calvert – Property inspection in 70% less time

AM/NS Calvert Steel Mill uses a Phase One Industrial iXM 100MP medium format imagery to meet new regulatory commercial-grade requirements on data collected for asset inspection. Additional benefits were realized when the project was completed with a 70% time-saving.

Airbus ALTAIR – A First for Large Scale High Definition 3D Mapping

Airbus Defence and Space acquired Phase One Industrial iXM-100 cameras to be integrated as a payload in the ALTAIR airship. The airship's large payload capacity allows for more than one sensor system for 3D mapping and was used recently for a pilot project between Airbus, vaireco and MVV Energie AG to generate high-definition thermal 3D models using a combination of infrared (IR) and RGB data captured simultaneously.

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