DigiSky SmartBay – A Multi-level Approach to Aerial Photogrammetry

DigiSky offers aerial photogrammetry and monitoring services and recently completed a multilevel remote sensing mission for IREN ENERGIA S.p.A. to map the Serrù reservoir and hydroelectric production plant. The 1500 hectares area sits at altitudes of between 2000m and 2500m.
A Phase One Industrial iXM-RS150F digital camera (90mm optics) installed into a SmartBay© avionic system captures data used to produce Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and orthophotos with a resolution of higher than 5cm / pixel.

Imagery and Data Terrain Models (DTM)

DigiSky was recruited by IREN S.p.A. to map the Serrù reservoir, in the Orco valley, where the company operates a hydroelectric production plant.

Remote sensing was used to monitor the hydrogeological context of the basin and to plan some ancillary works to the artificial barrier. Ideal conditions to use advanced aerial photogrammetric instruments. A DTM of access paths to the reservoir was built to assist technicians find a route when the area is covered in snow in the winter.

The area of ​​interest covers over 800 hectares at altitudes between 2000m and 2500m within the Gran Paradiso National Park and has therefore requested a special permit for the execution of flights.

Aircraft equipped with a SmartBay systems integrated with very high resolution digital cameras is able to obtain a Ground Sample Distance (GSD) of just a few centimeters per pixel. Stereoscopic data obtained is used to develop an accurate dimensional terrain model (DTM).

"The Phase One iXM-RS 150MP camera's wide swath allowed us to fly at higher altitudes, faster speeds and acquire larger aerial images. With the sensor integrated into our P92 SmartBay system we can now fly missions in two thirds of the time"

Carlo Caiaffa

DigiSky Board Member

Quick Facts

GSD <5cm

SmartBay/Phase One iXM-RS150F achieves
<5 cm GSD from 1000 ft Above Ground Level (AGL)

1500 hectare Area
Coverage / flight

60 minutes at a safe height of 1000 ft AGL
90 minutes at 350 ft with DSLR cameras

SmartBay Full integration

iXM-RS150F camera and a multi-spectral camera integrated with
SmartBay Avionic System

Digisky SmartBay System

    The system includes:

  • Phase One iXM-RS150 Aerial Camera (RGB)
  • NADIR naturally stabilized
  • Multi-spectral camera (advanced multi-spectral texture)
  • SmartBay Avionic System

Light and Smart

The Tecnam P92 JS SmartBay is a high wing, two seats, single engine, tricycle landing gear airplane.

It is equipped with a medium-format iXM-RS150F digital camera (90mm optics) integrated into a SmartBay avionic system. Pilots can fly at a safe height of 1000 ft above ground level (AGL) and still capture high-quality images with the Phase One Industrial high-resolution sensor. Images stored on the camera’s XQD memory card enabled the elaboration of an orthophoto and a DTM with a resolution higher than 5cm / pixel.

Fly Three Times Higher and in Two-thirds of the Time

DigiSky experienced a significant saving in mission time and costs as their plane fitted with Phase One Industrial’s iXM-RS150F allowed them to fly at a higher altitudes and at greater speed.
An Area of 1500 hectors captured with a GSD <5cm.

  • SmartBay with iXM-RS150F
    – Altitude 1000ft AGL
    – Mission Time 60 minutes
  • SmartBay with Sony 42MP Camera
    – Altitude 350ft AGL
    – Mission Time 90 minutes

Watch the SmartBay in Action

Watch Phase One iXM-RS150F integrated into a SmartBay System - Skymetry Highway - 2019 © DigiSky

Phase One Solution

Phase One iXM-RS150F Camera

Phase One iXM-RS150F Camera
- 150 MP Aerial Photographs
- 14,204 pixels cross-track coverage
- 2fps capture rate
- High noise resistance (effective at low light)

90mm RS Lens
- 90mm
- f/5.6
- 1/2000 sec
- Rodenstock lens

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