3D Modelling

Uralgeoinform – Phase One Aerial Solution Increased Profitability by 25%

In order to diversify its revenue Uralgeoinform, decided to develop the aerial survey capabilities in a large territory of the Russian Federation. After an economic evaluation with leased equipment yielded positive results, the company acquired the Phase One 190MP Aerial Solution.

DigiSky SmartBay – A Multi-level Approach to Aero-photogrammetry.

DigiSky offers aerial photogrammetry and monitoring services and recently completed a multilevel remote sensing mission for IREN ENERGIA S.p.A. to map the Serrù reservoir and hydroelectric production plant. The 1500 hectares area sits at altitudes of between 2000m and 2500m. A Phase One Industrial iXM-RS150F digital camera (90mm optics) installed into a SmartBay© avionic system captures data used to produce Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and orthophotos with a resolution of higher than 5cm / pixel.

Aerowest – Creating 3D City Models in a Single Flight

3D urban mapping is required by more cities at a rapid rate. Since February 2017 Aerowest GmbH of Dortmund, Germany has been using IGI’s UrbanMapper with eight Phase One Industrial 100 megapixel cameras acquiring aerial data for 3D city models in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.