Eyefly – Close-to-1mm GSD with Large Footprint for 3D Bridge Inspection

Eyefly - Achieve Close-to-1 mm GSD with a Large Footprint for 3D Bridge InspectionEyefly uses a Phase One iXM-100 to fly closer to Buggenum.

AeroInspekt – Drone Photogrammetry Advances Crane Railway Inspection

Storage cranes at Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG’s (HHLA) modern and efficient shipment yard require an annual survey of over 30km of rail per terminal. A research team at TU Braunschweig - AEROINSPEKT, has developed a system to perform airborne measurement of critical infrastructure in operation, thus reducing downtime required by manned ground inspection.

Plowman Craven – Digital Railway, Sharpening the Accuracy

Creating a “digital railway” – an accurate and dynamic visualization tool, provides fast and accurate potential damage identification, enables professionals taking informed decisions while planning and prioritizing rail development, maintenance, repairs and renewal projects.