Siemens & GGS: Revolutionize Powerline Inspection with Multi-Sensor System and AI

GGS GmbH from Germany, one of Phase One‘s integration partners, has an excellent reputation for innovation and integrating IMU/GNSS and flight management system (FMS) solutions. Dr. Gerhard Kemper, owner of GGS, recently trailed iXU-RS1900 metric cameras in several commercial projects to develop a system that could be used in multiple applications.

Eyefly – Close-to-1mm GSD with Large Footprint for 3D Bridge Inspection

Eyefly - Achieve Close-to-1 mm GSD with a Large Footprint for 3D Bridge InspectionEyefly uses a Phase One iXM-100 to fly closer to Buggenum.

AM/NS Calvert – Property inspection in 70% less time

AM/NS Calvert Steel Mill uses a Phase One Industrial iXM 100MP medium format imagery to meet new regulatory commercial-grade requirements on data collected for asset inspection. Additional benefits were realized when the project was completed with a 70% time-saving.

Airbus ALTAIR – A First for Large Scale High Definition 3D Mapping

Airbus Defence and Space acquired Phase One Industrial iXM-100 cameras to be integrated as a payload in the ALTAIR airship. The airship's large payload capacity allows for more than one sensor system for 3D mapping and was used recently for a pilot project between Airbus, vaireco and MVV Energie AG to generate high-definition thermal 3D models using a combination of infrared (IR) and RGB data captured simultaneously.

AeroInspekt – Drone Photogrammetry Advances Crane Railway Inspection

Storage cranes at Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG’s (HHLA) modern and efficient shipment yard require an annual survey of over 30km of rail per terminal. A research team at TU Braunschweig - AEROINSPEKT, has developed a system to perform airborne measurement of critical infrastructure in operation, thus reducing downtime required by manned ground inspection.

DraganFly – Advances Aerial Drone Data Collection

The University of Saskatchewan Plant Sciences team conducts extensive agricultural phenotype research and requires precision imagery for digital phenotyping and genomics for crop breeding. In 2018, Draganfly and the Plant Sciences team sought a new solution with higher resolution images to help achieve more actionable insights.

Phoenix Vision360 – 360° High-Resolution Aerial Inspection

Phoenix LiDAR Systems partnered with German based Black Forest Motion, experts in camera motion control, to offer their customers next-level technology solutions. iXM-100 cameras were purchased to fill a niche by providing motion controlled applications ranging from time-lapse and Giga-pixel photography to fully autonomous turntable photogrammetry scan setups.

LiDARUSA HD Inspection Goes Mobile – UAV

Get the finest details at high resolution- no matter the distance of the object- while driving at a regular speed limit.

Keystone Aerial Surveys – 100MP lmagery for Aerial Bridge lnspection

Keystone Aerial tested three aerial cameras integrated with its UAV to see which provided best results during the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge Inspection Project. There was a clear winner - from 130ft away!

CopterSystems Documenting Historic Buildings

With Phase One Industrial's lightest 50MP camera, surveillance of structures in populated areas is easier, faster and more affordable.