Atlantic – Confidently Acquiring Large-format Imagery with Phase One’s 280MP Aerial Solution

Atlantic’s investment in the new phase one large-format camera system affords them the opportunity to now confidently self-provide quality imagery over large areas and offer a wider range of in-house services to their clients.

Large- Format Aerial Solutions Widen Revenue Stream.

Atlantic is an airborne remote sensing, survey, and a consulting business that operates over North America. Their customers are more sophisticated, have higher expectations, and better standards. Having equipment that can help them meet and exceed those expectations is so critical and key for the company.

The business had purchased a 100 megapixel medium format Phase One Aerial Solution and really appreciated their initial experience so much, that they ended up buying two additional medium format cameras. A little less than two years later, Atlantic has expanded their partnership with Phase One by purchasing their 280mp large-format multispectral camera system.

"The quality of imagery based on our new system is night and day. We're able to get a crisper, less hazy, less overexposed image overall” explains Scott Jones, Atlantic Vice President.

Being able to purchase a large-format solution at a reasonable price means that they can provide data acquisition services at a competitive price for their clients. The company is able to offer a better product and really expand what they can propose on, what they can collect. This allows Atlantic to get into different markets and expand themselves into different regions based on the higher capability of the camera.

Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution Installed - Atlantic

Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution (seen from below) Installed in Atlantic aircraft - Atlantic 2020 ©.

"The Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution had an impact in several different ways, probably the biggest would be confidence in the data we're acquiring. There's now a certain confidence that when the system goes out into the field that we're getting good results every time, the first time.”

Nathanael Litter

Associate Vice President, Atlantic

Quick Facts

CONFIDENCE in the data acquisition

Gives customers the peace of mind that they're getting the best product available.

meet and exceed expectations

Expand the business into different regions based on the system's capability.

280MP Large-Format Aerial Solution

Compact and lightweight, fits a wide range of aircraft.
No need to upgrade the current fleet.

The Ability to Provide a Full Data Acquisition Service

Watch Atlantic's Brian Mayfield, President & CEO, Scott Jones, Vice President, and Nathanael Litter, Associate Vice President, tell you more about why they purchased their Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution.

Phase One Solution

Phase One iXM-RS280F Camera
- 190 MP Aerial Photographs
- 20,150 pixels cross-track coverage
- High noise resistance (effective at low light)


90mm RS Lens for RGB

- 90mm
- f/5.6
- 1/2000sec
- Rodenstock lens

Phase One Aerial System 280MP

Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution
- Designed for Phase One iXM-RS280F camera
- iX Controller MK4
- SOMAG DSM400 gyro stabilized mount
- GNSS/IMU - Applanix POS AV series

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