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AeroInspekt – Drone Photogrammetry Advances Crane Railway Inspection for Port Transshipment Systems

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Phoenix Vision360 – See the World with a Bird’s-eye View: Interactive 360° High-Resolution Aerial Imaging

High-resolution Aerial Cameras and Solutions for Large Surface Coverage of Aerial Mapping, Surveying, and Inspection Applications.

Phase One Industrial provides innovative solutions for precise and simplified aerial mapping, surveying, and inspection missions. With an easy-to-integrate product range, we provide accurate, and consistent aerial data that enables an easy execution of photogrammetry projects with high-resolution images for 2D and 3D applications.

Get full-frame 150MP resolution data with the iXM-RS150F camera for aerial image acquisition projects including: Mapping, Corridor Monitoring, Agriculture, Oblique Imagery, 3D City Modelling, and Imagery for LiDAR. Phase One Aerial Solutions offer large area performance, are affordable, and accessible for use with a wider range of aircraft.

Our iXM camera series is specifically designed for large surface coverage at extremely high-resolution, to provide exceptional aerial imagery that enables millimeter-sized inspection and damage detection and easily integrates with many drones for applications such as power line, wind turbine, road and bridge, and pipeline inspection.